SigAlert Sonoma Syrah

Announcing SigAlert

Brought to you by Big Rick Stuart and Sal Castaneda!

SigAlert is a Sonoma Syrah red wine that is made to bring people together, as all wines should, with the added bonus of sales benefiting Children’s Hospital Oakland.

This is your chance to be involved with Big Rick and Sal and help Children’s Hospital while sharing a great wine with friends. Open a bottle to tell a story, tell a joke and share a big laugh with everyone just as Big Rick and Sal love to do.

SigAlert is SOLD OUT! Thank you everyone for your support.

About SigAlert

SigAlert Sonoma Syrah is a custom blend from Big Rick, Sal and winemaker Judd Finkelstein. It has a little Petite Sirah and a little Zinfandel to make for a lot of distinctive flavors.


Rick and Sal think it’s perfect for those big holiday meals at the end of the year, or a quiet night for two with a pizza and a movie. Judd thinks it’s perfect for a ukulele jam session.


Proceeds from sales of SigAlert will benefit UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.


The art on the SigAlert labels comes from a satellite view of the MacArthur Maze in Oakland, featuring four freeway intersections. Says artist Lisa Fulton, “freeway interchanges can be rough, risky, frustrating; yet we instinctively know how beautiful they are — graceful loops, full of branching possibilities.”


SigAlert was available exclusively through Judd's Hill Winery and is sold out! Thank you everyone for your support.


“The purpose of Loyd “Sig” Sigmon's Sigalert for over the past 60 years has been to promote safety among people and community. The Sigmon family is honored to have a family-owned vineyard name a wine after our father’s legacy. Loyd was also a very generous man and would be proud to know part of the proceeds were going towards such a great cause.”
- David L. Sigmon, son of Loyd C. Sigmon

About Big Rick Stuart and Sal Castaneda

Big Rick Stuart and Sal CastanedaBig Rick Stuart and Sal Castaneda are San Francisco Bay Area media guys that have been friends for a long time. Radio listeners might remember Big Rick as the afternoon radio host with Sal “Bonecrusher” Castaneda airborne and giving traffic reports from The Black Shadow. Sal had to work in his traffic reports over race car sound effects and whatever else Rick mixed in. They were the most fun and accurate traffic reports ever heard!

These days Sal is a TV news reporter and Rick is still doing afternoon radio.

Big Rick and Sal decided to reunite, but not on TV or radio. They decided to work together on a project that would help benefit one of their favorite Bay Area places, Children’s Hospital in Oakland. While Rick and Sal have been around a long time Children’s Hospital has them beat. They have been around for 100 years in Oakland and now serve to take care of children from all over Northern California!

A Distinctive Sonoma Syrah

SigAlert is a Sonoma Syrah red wine blended with a little Petite Sirah and a little Zinfandel to make for a lot of distinctive flavors. Only 72 four-bottle packs of SigAlert will be sold.

About Judd’s Hill Winery

Judd's Hill Judd’s Hill Winery was the perfect partner for this project. Not only does Judd’s Hill have a long history in the Napa Valley wine world but they love special projects like this and were quick to say “yes” when presented with the idea to sell a wine to benefit Children’s Hospital Oakland.

Judd’s Hill is owned and operated by two generations of the Finkelstein family. Bunnie, Judd and Holly Finkelstein are vintners dedicated to producing ultra-premium, handcrafted wines. Their family has been making wine in Napa Valley since the 1970’s and continues to produce signature wines that are fruit-driven, concentrated and just simply delicious. Taking an intimate and personal approach to their winemaking, they limit their annual production to less than 3,000 cases.

In 2006 construction was completed on their new winery located at the southern end of the Silverado Trail. They designed it to be as green as possible, minimizing their impact on the land. The use of environmentally efficient drainage, solar lighting and an aggressive recycling and composting program are a few ways that theirwinery uses smart design to make a difference. As a result, Judd’s Hill has been certified as one of the first Napa Valley Green Wineries by the Napa Valley Vintners.

Great wine, great cause

Proceeds from sales of SigAlert will go to benefit UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. SigAlert is available in a limited quantity of 72 four-bottle packs.

About UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital OaklandFor nearly 100 years, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland has been delivering exceptional medical care to children from all regions of California. Parents choose Children’s because they have the best and most experienced specialists and because of the genuine passion with which they treat every child.

You can expect a better outcome when your treatment team includes sub-specialty, fellowship-trained physicians covering over 30 pediatric specialties. They care for tens of thousands of children. This means more experience, which means quality care and better outcomes. Shared care from a comprehensive team of highly trained board-certified pediatric specialists, nurses, technicians and therapists is vital to ensure the right treatment from the start. This is the work they dedicate their lives to.

In addition to treating more kids than any pediatric hospital in the Bay Area, Children’s research center has over 300 scientists working on 150 clinical trials.